Best Ways To Prepare For A School Competition

In schools, different forms of competitions are usually organized by either the school management or an organization that has a flare for boosting academic excellence in schools. These competitions usually brings to limelight the geniuses within schools in a particular city or country at large. In this article, we shall be sharing tips on how you can get yourself prepared for your school competition of all sorts.

Importance and benefits of School competition

School competitions have lots of advantages and benefits which we shall be sharing below. These importance and benefits are:

  • Cash prizes
  • Scholarships
  • Fame
  • Academic endorsements

Cash prizes

When these academic competitions are organized, there are usually cash prizes for the winner(s) as a way of rewarding the excellence they portrayed during the competitions. This cash prize can go a long way in covering educational expenses of such a student.


In some kind of school competition, the reward is a full scholarship for further studies for winners of the competition. This is why it is good to be prepared and focused on winning in any competition because there are rewards at the end of it all.


When you emerge a winner of a very popular academic competition, your name and photos goes viral on the dailies and TV stations. This will eventually make you popular as several media outlets will like to have an interview session with you. This popularity is a good one as it can yield other good tidings for you on your academic journeys and more.

Academic endorsements

After the fame comes different kinds of academic endorsements from different education based brands and more. They would want to leverage on your fame to promote certain events or product they have to market to different audiences. This is another income stream for you as an undergraduate or an O’level student.

Ways To Prepare For A School Competition

Here are ways you can get yourself prepared for a school competition adequately enough to emerge as a winner.

  • Research on what the competition is all about
  • Study relevant materials and textbooks
  • Answer past questions related to the competition
  • Be psychologically prepared to win the competition

Research on what the competition is all about

You can’t just swerve into a certain kind of competition expecting to emerge a winner without first of all having a basic knowledge on what it entails.

Study and research extensively on the background of the said school competition to be able to logically deduce what kind of questions will be asked expectedly.

Study relevant materials and textbooks

There are relevant materials that will be of help to you as regards the competition. So, go for such materials, study them with all the academic might you possess. This will help you build stamina in preparation for the fight ahead.

Visit the school library, pick textbooks and other related materials to study. Manage your time properly while doing this in other to enable yourself master all you need to master before the set date for the competition.

Furthermore, make a reading timetable to help guide your reading pattern. When your reading timing and pattern is organized, it helps you master all the data you’ve gathered as resource in preparation.

Be psychologically prepared to win the competition

Your preparations will all be a waste of time if you are not psychologically prepared and determined to win the competition. So, you must see yourself as a winner and not a loser. Ignore the news about the other schools you will compete against. Clear all forms of fear and doubt from your mind as you keep studying in preparation.


A prepared student is like a soldier ready for war. So, if you must win at the competition, you must get yourself prepared with the steps we shared here in this article. See you at the top after the competition.

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