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JSS 1-3: 30 English Studies Questions And Answers For Exam Revision

JSS 1-3: 30 English Studies Questions And Answers For Exam Revision

As a student in the Junior secondary, you need to read, understand and recall what you’ve read to answer questions in an examination hall. Here are thirty (30) English studies Questions and answers for your revision purposes.

From the options lettered A-D, choose the correct words to fill in the blank spaces in the Questions.

1. Emeka …….. away with her bag.

(a) run

(b) ran

(c) go

(d) came

2. They went to the mountain top all by ..…………

(a) theirselves

(b) themselves

(c) Ourselves

(d) them

3. Umar was ……. silly.

(a) been

(b) being

(c) bringing

(d) beginning

4. The headmaster………a car.

(a) have

(b) has

(c) would

(d) will

5. I wanted to …… to school today.

(a) went

(b) go

(c) gone

(d) follow

6. Derek ……. a house last year.

(a) build


(c) built

(d) building

7. The dog was …… at her.

(a) barking

(b) barked

(c) bark

(d) bit

8. The Umbrella was ………

(a) stolen

(b) stole

(c) stoled

(d) stealed

9. Before they …… , get ready.

(a) arrival

(b) arrived

(c) arrive

(d) arriving

10. Hilda was …… because she failed her examinations.

(a) cry

(b) crying

(c) cried

(d) wept

From the options lettered A-D , choose the words opposite in meaning to words in CAPITAL letter.

11. Emeka was FOOLISH at the wedding ceremony.

(a) Foolish

(b) Unwise

(c) Wise

(d) smart

12. The traffic warden asked them to move FORWARD.

(a) Straightward

(b) Backward

(c) Roundabout

(d) Downward

13. The governor’s security personnel were WEAKER than the kidnappers.

(a) Stronger

(b) Mightier

(c) Deadlier

(d) Huge

14. The book was BOUGHT last month by the library council.

(a) sell

(b) sold

(c) buy

(d) hired

15. Emmanuel is a very PROUD person.

(a) Boastful

(b) Humble

(c) Prideful

(d) sarcastic

16. Ijomoni is so UNSKILLED when it comes to artistic drawings.

(a) skilled

(b) talented

(c) gifted

(d) bad

17. The lion was ASLEEP when the antelope walked pass it.

(a) sleeping

(b) running

(c) awake

(d) roaring

18. The school bus driver DISOBEYED the traffic light today.

(a) respected

(b) disrespected

(c) followed

(d) obeyed

19. Janet and Jane are IDENTICAL twins.

(a) resemble

(b) look alike

(c) un-identical

(d) not same

20. Ibrahim got to the party hall LATE.

(a) overtime

(b) early

(c) midnight

(d) morning hours

From the options lettered A-D, choose the word with a different consonant sound

21. (a) comb (b) plumber (c) cob (d) thumb

22. (a) hymn (b) am (c) bane (d) blame

23. (a) kangaroo (b) knowledge (c) knight (d) knew

24. (a) grasp (b) concern (c) knit (d) gnat

25. (a) hamper (b) pamper (c) damper (d) none of the above

Use the words in bold italics below to fill the blanks in the exercises below

Life-threatening, suggested, identical, fatal, counterfeit

26. The steel workers had a _____ car crash on their way to the factory

27. High government spending last year _____ that the economy has started recovering.

28. The cashier detected the ____ currency brought by the thieves for saving.

29. The woman has been bedridden for years because she suffers from a ___ diseases.

30. Janet and Jane are ____ twins.


These questions are for educational purposes and should not be used for any other function without our express permission here on Quizpanda.

So, did you have fun answering these JSS 1-3: 30 English Studies Questions And Answers For Exam Revision ? We wish you all the best in educational endeavours.

If you have any questions to ask, please drop them as comments below. …

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