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“Chegg Enables Millions Of Students Cheat In Exams” – Professor Juan Gutiérrez

Is Chegg really doing enough to curb how much students use them to cheat in Exams?

Chegg helps students cheat in exams says professor Juan Gutiérrez

Alright! While many students sees Chegg as a cool platform, professor Juan Gutiérrez sees it as an exam malpractice enabler in the United states of America. The Professor expressed his displeasure about the Chegg platform being that Chegg helps students with studies in more detailed manner especially when it comes to coursework.

The professor did not only speak of the Chegg academic website as being an exam malpractice enabler but also pointed out that it also encourages blackmail for students who use them and as well sign up on the website with their real names and other bio data.

His student who was caught was alleged to have used Chegg as a means to complete his coursework is being blackmailed by the chegg service provider that assisted the student with a said coursework.

“I have sources everywhere and understand you have an exam coming up,” the threatening, supposed blackmail email read. “It will be a shame if something happened regarding the score.”

But the Professor had a better reply for the intending blackmailer. Below was what he replied the blackmail mail regarding his student in Texas who patronized the Chegg wesbite:

“Extorting anyone is a crime,”

The said  Texas undergraduate who was being blackmailed has not yet passed any comment on the issue.

professor Juan Gutiérrez hence discouraged any form of use of academic websites online that promises to be of help with coursework as all they do is encourage all manner of malpractice.

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