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Do You Really Know Machenry Churchill? Dare To Score 15/22

On Quizpanda’s exclusive today,  we shall be taking a quiz on a great personality by name Machenry Churchill.

MacHenry Churchill is an Income & Wealth Coach, Human Resource Consultant, Digital Marketing Strategist and Serial Entrepreneur.

He heads MACCHURCHILL CONSULTING, a human capacity development and workforce performance improvement company. He’s also the Dean at COLLEGE OF L.I.F.E, Africa’s premiere open, inclusive and alternative learning institution. Through these platforms, he designs and delivers Learning Intervention Programs (LIP) for individuals, corporate organizations and government institutions.

MacHenry Churchill also works with and mentors disadvantaged youths from low income communities through GIFTED GENERATION COMMUNITY INITIATIVE, a non-profit organization he founded ten years ago to support at-risk youths in overcoming the limitations of ILLITERACY, UNEMPLOYMENT and POVERTY.

MacHenry Churchill is a Fellow of the UK Institute of Management Specialists and a Doctoral Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Social Media and Digital Marketing. He’s a Chartered & Certified Digital Marketing Strategist, a Certified Performance Manager, a Certified Financial Literacy Instructor, a Certified Personal Financial Manager and a Certified Mentor & Coach.

He is a prolific writer, publisher and digital products creator with over 100 ebooks, guides, online courses and learning programs to his credit.

Read more about him at


Do You Really Know Machenry Churchill? Dare To Score 15/22

1 / 22

1. How many countries has he been to?

2 / 22

2. How many languages can he speak?

3 / 22

3. At what time does he usually wake up daily?

Machenry Churchill

4 / 22

4. What's the name of the secondary school he graduated from?

5 / 22

5. What's his favourite meal?

Machenry Churchill Nigeria

6 / 22

6. What is his favourite colour?

Machenry Churchill Nigeria

7 / 22

7. How old will he be by 2050?

8 / 22

8. How many Books has he written so far?

Machenry Churchill Nigeria

9 / 22

9. What's his best anger management method?

10 / 22

10. What bad behavior does he advocate against considering his career?

Machenry Churchill

11 / 22

11. What course did he study at the University?

Machenry Churchill

12 / 22

12. What's his best outfit?

13 / 22

13. What's his favourite quote?

14 / 22

14. What's his best hobby?

15 / 22

15. Where was be born?

Machenry Churchill

16 / 22

16. What is his date of birth?

Machenry Churchill Nigeria

17 / 22

17. At what age did he kick-start his writing career officially?

Machenry Churchill Nigeria

18 / 22

18. What motivated him to start writing?

19 / 22

19. What pushes him to strive for success daily?

20 / 22

20. What's the name of the primary school he attended?

Machenry Churchill

21 / 22

21. Who pushed him hard to find his true self?

22 / 22

22. What is his best sport?

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The average score is 70%


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