Cheapest Student Accommodation In Manchester 2022|How To Get It Fast

Having a place to call your home is very important as a student in Manchester. Though they are not always very affordable, there are some cheap student accommodations in Manchester.

This vibrant city has a constantly increasing influx of students as a result of her prestigious universities. This attracts a lot of applications from students across the world causing the price of student accommodation to skyrocket.

This article will not only show the cheapest student accommodations but also give the steps to follow to get accommodations as quickly as possible.

Take some time to go through the table of contents, as it shows the questions addressed in this article.

Why Do I Need To Get Cheap Accommodation In Manchester?

Manchester is a metropolitan city in Greater Manchester, England, famous for its culture, music, sports, and sports clubs. It is home to three prestigious universities, namely The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Royal Northern College of Music boasting over 40,000 students.

As a result of the increased number of students, it has become a challenge for the school to house all her students in the student hall.

However, there are comfortable, yet affordable student accommodations in Manchester that lets you experience the best study experience without accruing any student loan debt. You should get a cheap student accommodation as this helps to remove the costs of both time and money on transportation.

There are other students also searching for cheap accommodations in Manchester. So, it would be advisable to start your search on time and secure an apartment for yourself.

What are the Types of Student Accommodation in Manchester?

Basically, there are three categories of student accommodations in Manchester. They are:

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  • Shared
  • En-suite/ Private Room
  • Studios
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These are the most common and popular choices among students. Generally, a shared room is one where two or more students share a single room, kitchen, washroom, and other common spaces.

En-suite/Private room

This is a living situation where two or more people live in the same property together. Although everyone would have their bedroom, the other rooms in the house such as the living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom etc will be shared.


The studios are also an option for students’ accommodations in Manchester. Here, you won’t need to share with any other person, and you get the whole place to yourself.

They are usually a lot smaller than the shared flats, but you’ll have everything you need in your own space. This includes a double bed, en-suite, mini kitchen, dining space, workspace, and storage.

The studios are a perfect living condition for people who like their own space. They’re also great for couples who want to live together because sharing the studio doesn’t cost any extra.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing Student Accommodations In Manchester?

There are a few factors to consider before choosing a cheap student accommodation in Manchester. They are as follows:


A location close to campus would be very advisable as it would eliminate the cost of transportation and reduce the time to get to lectures. This is especially important for a new student that’s new to the area and still trying to find a way around.

Staying Connected

Your student room will be a place where you’d be carrying out a bunch of studying and revising. So, You will need to have a strong, reliable internet connection. Ensure you find out locations with sound wifi options. You can always get this information on social media.


Security is an important factor to consider when choosing a place. Though it may be cheap, every student in Manchester should feel secure in their various student accommodations.

Several student halls have security guards patrolling the grounds. However, if they don’t, ensure that there is secure fob or keypad entry for students with a well-staffed reception desk and emergency helpline number available.

Accommodation Facility

Irrespective of the type of student accommodation you choose in Manchester, you are entitled to the basic conveniences the flat should provide. There should be good plumbing, good gutters and pipes, fire alarms, and good electrical connections.

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How Much Does It Cost To Get Student Accommodation In Manchester?

As a potential student in Manchester, you must know how much getting any of the accommodation types will cost you.

University Accommodation Cost

Apart from your course fees, accommodation is the second biggest expenditure for most students (depending on the cost of your course). You should look beyond the rental price when choosing your Manchester student accommodation, and consider the extras – like the internet, or security.

On average, the student accommodation cost in Manchester ranges between £4,000 – £5,500 annually.

Weekly cost: £130-£150

Annual cost: £4,000-£5,500

Private Student Housing Cost

The price of this student accommodation is mainly dependent on your type of room.

Weekly cost: £80 – £325

Annual cost: £3,350 – £13,700

This price takes care of just the rent and utilities.

Is It Easy To Get A Cheap Student Accommodation In Manchester?

It is not always easy to get cheap student accommodation in Manchester. There are a lot more students looking for the same thing – cheap student accommodation. So, you will have to search, apply, and pay on time to secure a spot for yourself.

Also, the cheap student accommodations in Manchester may require you to share some rooms and conveniences with other students. If you value privacy, this may not be the ideal living condition for you.

How Do I Get Cheap Student Accommodation in Manchester Fast?

Generally, cheaper accommodations have a higher possibility of being filled up sooner than the deluxe apartments. Students in Manchester lookout for cheap student accommodation because they want to cut the cost to save more.

Follow the steps below to get a cheap student accommodation in Manchester:

#1. Start Early

There are a lot of students seeking cheap accommodation in Manchester, so there would definitely be huge traffic on accommodation sites at the beginning of every school year.

It would be very advisable for you to start the search for cheap accommodations as soon as possible.

You can start the search as soon as you finish your middle school exams. Though you may not be sure of your admission status yet, it is wise to start the process nonetheless.

 You can reach out to final year students to help you reserve their spots. This way, you don’t have to pay for it if you don’t secure the admission.

However, if you are successful, you would have a cheap student accommodation in Manchester reserved for you.

#2. Check College Accommodation Sites/ Individual Sites

The advancement of technology has made it easier to select accommodation from several available options. You can visit these websites to see their options.

Select the accommodation of your preference, considering the proximity, cost, and type of student accommodation.

Also, consider the basic amenities available before making your choice.

#3. Carry Out Investigations Yourself To Confirm The Information Provided

It is important to confirm the information you garner yourself especially before you make any financial commitment. Don’t base your decisions on pretty pictures online. They could be falsified or enhanced, so, try to go to these accommodations to see things yourself.

If you can’t get to Manchester ask a family member or friend around to help you visit the student accommodation.

Also, you can reach out to older students there to find exactly how things are run in the student’s accommodation.

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#4. Consider Your Budget And Proximity Before Applying

Remember the accommodation fees won’t be the only debt you accrue, so, try to get something really affordable. Consider how much is budgeted for accommodation and try not to exceed it.

Equally, consider the distance to your campus and library. The goal is to find a cheap student accommodation in Manchester that’s close to your campus.

This would help to reduce the time and cost to get to your classes.

#5. Pay For The Apartment And Do The Necessary Documentation

So, you have found cheap accommodation that’s suitable for you, made the necessary inquiries and you are satisfied.
The next step for you should be to make the necessary payments, and proper documentation to get the necessary receipts for your apartment.

How Can I Get The Cheapest Student Accommodations In Manchester?

Here are some places that offer some of the cheapest student accommodations in Manchester:

#1. Rusholme Place

Address: Rusholme Place, Manchester, M14 5TE

Cost: £139.00 per week

Rusholme Place situated within the heart of the city and is within short walking distance to both Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester.

With basic amenities like 24/7 security, bike storage, cleaning, free wifi, laundry plus bills, this bronze apartment goes for £139.00 per week.

The rooms come complete with en-suite bathroom, a 3/4-sized bed, a study desk and a sizeable wardrobe. Spend time with your flatmates in the shared kitchen and lounge areas.

Visit Website

#2. The Junxion, Lincoln

Address: Brayford Wharf, Lincoln, LN5 7BG

Cost: £119.50 per week

It is very close to the Lincoln university, train station, McDonald’s, and the bus station.

With a ¾ bed en-suite, internet and wifi, including utility bills, fully fitted kitchen, and apartment lounges with TVs, this affordable student accommodation goes for £119.50 per week.

They also provide contents insurance, on-site laundry, bike storage, 24/7 security, cleaning services, on-site maintenance team, postage service and deliveries.

Visit Website

#3. Moss Court

Cost – £84-£115 per week.

Address – Moss Court, 422 Moss Lane East, Manchester, UK

Moss Court in Manchester offers cheap student accommodation, close to both the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. Moss Court has a selection of two, three and four-bed flats with shared bathrooms and kitchens.

It is situated close to the University on Manchester with just a 10 minutes ride. If you are going to the heart of Manchester, you will also require a ten minutes ride.

With a shared kitchen, 24-hour CCTV, free wifi and broadband, on-site laundry, all-inclusive utility bills, and furniture this apartment goes for £84-£115 per week.

Visit Website

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#4. Beechwood House, Manchester

Cost – £97 – £101/week

Address – 9-11 Ladybarn Lane, Fallowfield, Manchester M14 6NQ, United Kingdom

Beechwood House is a modern and a cheap student accommodation, located on the Ladybarn Lanewhich 17-minutes away from the University of Manchester, and 19-minutes easy bus ride from the Manchester Metropolitan University.

The Beechwood House student accommodation offers a range of 2, 3- and 4-bedroom apartments to choose from in Fallowfield, Manchester. All the rooms come well-furnished with a comfortable bed along with under bed storage space, study table with a chair, shelves, double wardrobe and generous storage space.

Also, the students at Beechwood House get full access to the property’s additional facilities which includes shared communal areas, washing machines and WiFi.

There are property facilities, online-maintenance team, and on-site service team who will answer all your questions and address your issues. Plus, the rent is all-inclusive of utility bills, and you can pay rent online.

Visit Website

#5. New Medlock House, Manchester

Cost – £99 – £192/week

Address – 25-45 Chester St, Manchester M15 6JX, United Kingdom

New Medlock House is an affordable student accommodation located on Chester Street in Manchester, which is at a close distance from most of the universities in Manchester.

The University of Manchester and the Manchester Metropolitan University are just 10 and 8 minutes away from the New Medlock House student accommodation respectively.

Every non-ensuite room comes with a comfortable single bed, sufficient additional storage space, a wardrobe and study space with Wifi connected. However, the well-fitted kitchen and bathroom have to be shared among the flatmates.

In addition to this, the residents also get to enjoy the property’s additional facilities which include on-site laundry, bike storage, in-house printing, vending machines, a large common area along with a communal study area and outdoor social space.

visit website

#6. iQ Manchester Gardens, Manchester

Cost – £99 – £159/week

Address – 2 Hope Road, Manchester M14 5ET, United Kingdom

iQ Manchester Gardens is an elegant yet cheap student accommodation located to the south of the city center which is just a 14-minutes bus ride away from the University of Manchester’s Oxford Road Campus.

Also, the Royal Northern College of Music and Manchester Metropolitan University both are within a 15-minutes bus ride away from the Manchester Gardens student accommodation.

All the rooms at the Manchester Gardens come well-furnished with a private room, a comfortable bed, generous storage space, study area with a chair and desk and a shared kitchen where you can showcase your culinary skills among your flatmates.

In addition to this, the property also features a study area, bike storage, on-site laundry facility, a common area with brand-new furniture and comfortable sitting area, a garden, a games area and a barbecue area.

The Manchester Gardens also features a secure key entry system and is guarded by 24-hour security teams.

Visit Website

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Cheap Accommodation In Manchester FAQ’s

Shared room accommodation options mean students will share an apartment with other students. Private rooms are just for one student.

The cost of accommodation in Manchester ranges from £80-£200 per week depending on the accommodation type. Generally, shared rooms cost less than private rooms.

Yes, students who book early often get good discounts and pay less rent for their accommodation. You can also enjoy the discounts and cashback from group bookings.

 Yes, all student accommodations are fully furnished.

You can make the payment through different means including net banking or your debit card.

Moss Court offers the best accommodation for a reasonable price of  £94/week while providing you with a decent range of facilities. 


Manchester offers some cheap yet comfortable student accommodation for her students. This article has carefully given steps to guide you through the process of securing a space for yourself.

Remember that it should be done as soon as possible as you are not the only one searching for cheap accommodation.

I hope you find an apartment on time before they are all sold out.


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