Larry MacDonald Scholarship 2022 for USA [Apply Now]

A sense of belonging is one thing that adults who are gay or lesbians desire to have in life. And with an ambition of running an undergraduate or graduates programs, they seek the best adult scholarship which can be more favorable to them. Larry McDonald scholarship scheme provides such a non-judging environment for gays, lesbians, transgender, and bisexual folks. If you belong to this class of citizens, the Larry MacDonald scholarship is especially for you.

Where are my bisexual friends, let us do this. This can be your passport to free education.

 About Larry McDonald Scholarship 2022

Larry MacDonald scholarship 2022 is an undergraduate and graduate scholarship program for adult students who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (LGBT).

The student must also be seeking to make some significant changes in his or her life by taking classes in the arts and humanities.

Host Nationality

Larry MacDonald scholarship program is sponsored by Equity Foundation

Eligibility Nationality 

Larry MacDonald scholarship 2022 is designed for only USA adult students.

Scholarship Worth

The scholarship worth is not static, meaning that it varies annually, based upon available funds and on the number of qualified applicants.

The average award was $500 annually, non-renewable.

Number of scholarship offered

The number of awards that are offered by the Larry McDonald scholarship varies annually based on the number of qualified applicants and also the amount of funding available. Only a total of two awards were offered last year.


Larry MacDonald scholarship program requirements must be in place for one to be considered eligible to apply for the scholarship. Below are the lists of some of these requirements

  • The applicant must be a high school senior.
  • Applicant must be a legal resident of the United States.
  • The applicant must carry a minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • The applicant must be eligible to attend a two or four-year university or college with a full-time course of study.
  • An applicant must disclose other scholarship programs that he or she has applied for.
  • The applicant must enroll in and attend an accredited institution in the academic year after his or her selection. Verification may be needed however as scholarship funds are being paid directly to the schools.
  • The applicant must have at least one parent of the Hispanic heritage.
  • An applicant must be able to provide his or her high school transcript.
  • The applicant must be a full-time AWC student.
  • The applicant must have a declared English major.

Larry McDonald scholarship application.

Only one Larry MacDonald Scholarship application is being considered for the Larry McDonald scholarship program from each applicant. All applications are to be submitted online.

You will provide a personal statement, letter of recommendation and they are to be submitted online as well. In addition, you must also provide your list of community service projects, FASFA reports, and or 1040s.

Moving on, you must then fill out a form completely and exactly as stated online to enhance and establish a fair level of participation.

Click below: 

Application link

The applicant will be asked to answer the following questions in a short handwritten format,

  • What their reasons are, for choosing their field of study in the college.
  • Why they think they deserve the scholarship award over the other applicants.

You will provide some personal information like their full names, their street address, and city/state zip code.

Their contact info, social security number, birth date, parents or guardian names, parents or guardian occupation, number of siblings, number of people in their household including the applicant who will be attending college in the upcoming semester.

Furthermore, the applicant will be asked to state the name of high school attending or attended, the number of students in their graduation class, their class rank, SAT Test score, ACT Test score.

He or she is then asked if they have been accepted for admission to college and what they intend or plan to major in.

More Information about Larry MacDonald scholarship 2022

The responsibility of reviewing the scholarship applications is rested on a scholarship committee composed of individuals with some expertise in a relevant field and a major concern for advancing educational opportunities.

The scholarship recipients are always chosen on the basis of the application and supporting materials and in some cases, personal interviews if deemed necessary.

The applicant must demonstrate a need for financial assistance to attain an educational goal and must show the evidence and potential to successfully complete their selected program of study.

Employees or board members of the Equity Foundation or immediate relatives of the scholarship fund founders of the scholarship review committee do not qualify to apply.

Deadline for submitting Larry MacDonald scholarship application

Larry MacDonald scholarship program form must be submitted on or before 11th January 2022 online.

If for any reason, the recipient is unable to enroll and attend the fall semester of his or her chosen school or institution, the scholarship money will be forfeited.

How the Larry McDonald scholarship recipients are selected or decided.

The scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of:

  • Academic achievement
  • their financial need
  • Involvement or participation in the issue of their community.
  • some personal qualities and strengths as in the personal interview conducted of him either in person or by phone.