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BIBLE QUIZ: These Bible Quiz Questions Will Return You To Kiddies Sunday School Class (DARE TO SCORE 10/20)

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So since you became born again, you have been balling in the euphoria of God’s word, enjoying diverse grace here and there. You have even enjoyed different kinds of Breakthroughs and all sorts of testimonies. Well, today, we have compiled some Bible quiz questions that will return you to kiddies Sunday school class if you don’t score at least 10/20.

Are you wondering why we would ask you to dare to score a mere 10/20? Wait until you are face to face with the questions that will hit you hard like never before. This time, we mean it to checkmate your knowledge about stories recorded in the Holy Bible.

So, are you ready to beat this Quiz to its knees? Then hop in let the battle begin.


  • Question of

    God had a message for the king of Judah and told Isaiah to first inscribe it on tablets then give it as a name to his son — Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz. Who was king at that time?

    • Ahaz
    • Ahab
    • Ananias
  • Question of

    Out of the four names below, which one was a queen of Egypt and a sister-in-law of Hadad, a son of the king of Edom?

    • Tahpenes
    • Asenath
    • Rahab
  • Question of

    Nicodemus’ name can be found in only one of the four Gospels. What Gospel is he mentioned in?

    • John
    • Luke
    • Mark
  • Question of

    Which of the disciples of Jesus had originally been a disciple of John the Baptist, until he heard John declare Jesus to them; “Behold, the Lamb of God!”?

    • Andrew
    • Matthias
    • James
  • Question of

    Follow this prophet and you will witness the prophesied destruction of Israel by the Assyrians and be reminded that those who hope in the Lord will soar on wings like eagles. Which prophet indicated the coming Messiah would be an heir to the throne of David?

    • Isaiah
    • Hosea
    • Habakkuk
  • Question of

    My first suspect is a Philistine beauty that caught the wild hair of one of the judges of Israel. A strapping young man with super hero strength, his only weaknesses were his pride and his lust. The pot tempered by a bag full of silver, which vixen tempted and betrayed Samson, even if her heart wasn’t fully in it in the end?

    • Delilah
    • Bathsheba
    • Tamar
  • Question of

    Which less-than-gracious man verbally and physically attacked King David when David was fleeing from Jerusalem when Absalom staged a coup?

    • Shimei
    • Abiathar
    • Ziba
  • Question of

    “Ugh! We can’t find Jesus. We are going back to Jerusalem to look for him there. If you see him, please send us a message letting us know and we’ll come and get him.” There are two possible answers but only one is among the following choices. Which one of the following might have posted this?

    • Joseph
    • Peter
    • Thomas
  • Question of

    Which of the following people from the book of Judges beat the entire Midianite army with the assistance of only 300 men?

    • Gideon
    • Samson
    • Zebah
  • Question of

    The serpent that tempts Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden has traditionally been viewed as a personification of the devil. There is, however, only one book of the Bible that specifically portrays the devil as a serpent. Which book is this?

    • Revelation
    • Hebrews
    • 2 Timothy
  • Question of

    This man was in the wrong place at the wrong time, perhaps. He was a servant of a high priest who had his ear cut off by Peter.

    • Malchus
    • Mephibosheth
    • Mordecai
  • Question of

    Who closed the door of the Ark?

    • God
    • Noah
    • Noah’s eldest son
  • Question of

    I was an Evangelist and Jesus’ beloved disciple. I am traditionally thought to have written one gospel and three epistles in the New Testament, although modern scholars are not sure which, if any, of them I actually wrote.

    • John
    • Luke
    • Peter
  • Question of

    Which woman was the Jewish queen of Persia?

    • Esther
    • Jezebel
    • Deborah
  • Question of

    Which of the following miracles of Jesus is most linked to Matthew’s profession prior to becoming a disciple?

    • The coin in the fish’s mouth
    • Water being turned into wine
    • The withering of the fig tree
  • Question of

    Joseph is a name used for several different people in the Bible. One of these Josephs took the initiative to bury the body of Christ after the Crucifixion. From which city came Joseph who took care of the burial of Christ?

    • Arimathea
    • Antioch
    • Alexandria
  • Question of

    Which woman, best known for rescuing her brother, performed the duties of a prophetess for the people of Israel?

    • Miriam
    • Naomi
    • Ruth
  • Question of

    The priests of Israel were descendants of which tribe and clan?

    • Levi-Kohath
    • Levi-Gershon
    • Judah-Perez
  • Question of

    Sometimes my cases are more about the victim than the perpetrator. This sad tale involves a virtuous daughter of King David who was stalked by her half brother, Amnon. He eventually concocted an elaborate ruse, pretending to be sick and asking his half-sister to care for him. Alone with her half-brother, she was no match for Amnon’s advances and she was raped. Which victim of a horrible crime did I interview?

    • Tamar
    • Deborah
    • Elizabeth
  • Question of

    Elijah had a contest with the prophets of Baal, to see which god would send fire to burn the offering on an altar. When God sent fire, the Israelites were overawed, and followed Elijah’s orders, slaughtering prophets of Baal. Which wicked man was king when that happened?

    • Ahab
    • Ahijah
    • Jeroboam


Written by Ike Ani

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