BLOGGERS QUIZ SERIES: Do You Really Know Jenny Chisom Utibe-Akah?

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Jenny Chisom is a top class Blogging Coach well known in the Nigerian Blogosphere. She has raised thousands of bloggers across Africa with diverse blogging tutorials and webinars. She has been in this business for more than a decade now.

Jenny Chisom is also an advocate for men. In other words, she offers diverse teachings that helps men in Nigeria and beyond to be at their best per time and in turn emerge great boyfriends, Husbands, Fathers and more. To further broaden this great perspective about men, Jenny started an initiative she tagged “The Men Code”.

Oh!….did i forget to mention that she is also a great writer and a sound Author at that? She wrote an amazing digital book titled “The Men Code” which gave insights on about 12 empowering affirmations for living without regrets. You will love it when you read it.

Her love for seeing others thrive has driven her to in summary be a Blogging Biz strategist, Mindset Coach, Premarital Counsellor and Men advocate.

Hey, for those that may come crushing on her, that’s too late cause she’s taken already by an intelligent man by name Mr. Utibe-Akah. But don’t worry, she has got tons of knowledge you need to find your own sweetheart out there.

Today, we are going to be taking a quiz on her amazing personality. Let’s dive in and have FUN!!!!

  • Question of

    Professionally, what three(3) describes Jenny Chisom?

    • Copy editor, Blogger, Men Advocate
    • Copy editor, Blogger, Beauty Quen
    • Copy editor, Feminism, Men Advocate
  • Question of

    What is her state and Country of Origin

    • Imo, Nigeria
    • Abia, Nigeria
    • Ebonyi, Nigeria
  • Question of

    What was her first business that she began in 2009 and registered legally in 2010?

    • Editing/Publishing Company Called Logos Audible
    • Event Planning/Catering Service Called Jenny Media
    • A Book Publishing Company Called JCB Media Ltd
  • Question of

    How many first time authors has her first company published?

    • 6
    • 7
    • 10
  • Question of

    What became her business turning point in 2009?

    • Blogging
    • Owning a Radio station
    • Offering catering services
  • Question of

    What became her first eye opener as a blogger in 2011?

    • When she got hired from UK to edit a book Via her blog
    • When she earned $10,000 from Google Adsense
    • When she served Ads for a Political party on her blog
  • Question of

    What year did Jenny start training people on blogging via Login Blogging Enterprise Project?

    • 2013
    • 2010
    • 2015
  • Question of

    In which City in Nigeria was Jenny running the Login Blogging Enterprise Project training?

    Jenny Chisome running a training in Abuja
    • Abuja
    • Port Harcourt
    • Owerri
  • Question of

    What has always been her message as a blogging Coach?

    • Self discovery + Monetization
    • Selfishly Compete to be above others always
    • Use Blackhat methods at all cost to actualize your blogging goals
  • Question of

    How many siblings does she have?

    • 6
    • 5
    • 4
  • Question of

    Which town did she grow up in?

    • Aba
    • Mkpor
    • Onitsha
  • Question of

    How many books/e-books has she authored or Published?

    • 3
    • 5
    • 4
  • Question of

    What profession is she engaged in as a hobby but hardly talk or write about?

    • Acting in Movies
    • Modelling
    • Music production
  • Question of

    How many years now has she been blogging?

    Jenny Chisom Utibe-Akah with Myles Munroe
    • 12
    • 11
    • 15
  • Question of

    How many Blogs does she currently own and manage in 2021?

    • 3
    • 2
    • 4
  • Question of

    What is her blogging coaching Instagram Handle ?

    • @bloggingsmartwithchisom
    • @bloggingsmartwithjenny
    • @bloggingsmart
  • Question of

    What is her Copy editing business online course called?

    • Savvy Editors Course
    • Smart Editors Course
    • Classy Editors Course
  • Question of

    How many Children does she have ?

    • 4 (3 girls, 1 boy)
    • 3 (2 boys, 1 girl)
    • 2 (1 boy, 1 girl)
    • Not yet
  • Question of

    When she was organizing Bloggers parties from 2013, what name did she change that Ceremony to in 2017?

    • Bloggers Gala and Awards
    • Bloggers Gala and Awards Night
    • Bloggers Gala Party and Awards
  • Question of

    Why do think her passion is for men empowerment and advocacy?

    The Men code book online by Jenny Chisom
    • Because she believes in the family unit and drives the ideology that for families to be great, heads of homes (men) must be trained intentionally to be great leaders.
    • Because she feels it will give her an edge to be known worldwide and hence be famous
    • Because she feels like doing so.


Written by Ike Ani

I derive joy from writing amazing contents and setting up great quizzes that puts smiles on your faces after you learn something new.


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