QUIZPANDA EXCLUSIVE: Do You Really Know Chinelo Ani? Prove It By Scoring 24/24

Chinelo Ani Quiz online

On Quizpanda’s exclusive personality quiz section today, we are featuring a Medical Nurse by the name Chinelo Ani. If you are here to play this Quiz, it is either you know her in person as a family member, colleague, neighbour or an admirer from afar or near. Although it is possible that you could also just be a stranger. All the same, it is going to be so much fun.

So, do you think you’ve got what it takes to score 24/24 after answering all the questions we have in stock for you in this Quiz? Let’s see about that as you take this Quiz.

Let’s have fun.

  • Question of

    What’s her date of birth?

    • 23rd September
    • 10th September
    • 26th September
  • Question of

    Where was she born?

    • Mubi, Adamawa state
    • Bajoga, Gombe State
    • Oukpo, Benue State
  • Question of

    What’s her favourite meal?

    • None
    • Egusi and Pounded Yam
    • Fried rice and chicken
  • Question of

    What’s her position by raking amongst her siblings?

    • 4th
    • 3rd
    • 2nd
  • Question of

    Who is her role model?

    • No one
    • Ben Carson
    • Her dad
  • Question of

    What was always her dream course at the University?

    • Nursing
    • Medicine and Surgery
    • Lab Science
  • Question of

    What is the name of her Village?

    • Ukaka
    • Okwojo
    • Enugu-Ngwo
  • Question of

    What is her favourite colour?

    • Pink
    • Red
    • Blue
  • Question of

    What is her favourite musical instrument?

    • Piano
    • Guitar
    • Drum
  • Question of

    What is her best hobby at leisure time?

    • Watching movies
    • Reading novels
    • Singing
  • Question of

    What is her best outfit?

    • Casual wears
    • Corporate wears
    • Cultural attires
  • Question of

    What is her favourite quote?

    • “I am graced””
    • “Love is the greatest”
    • “A stitch in time saves nine”
  • Question of

    What is the first letter of her Mum’s tribal name?

    • T
    • U
    • A
  • Question of

    What’s her younger sister’s tribal name?

    • Ijeoma
    • Amanda
    • Ifeoma
  • Question of

    What is her state of Origin?

    • Enugu
    • Anambra
    • Ebonyi
    • Imo
    • Abia
  • Question of

    Which was her favourite subject back in school?

    • Medical surgical nursing
    • Physiology
    • Nursing Fundamentals
  • Question of

    What skill does she love the most?

    • Art related skills
    • Management related skills
    • Engineering related skills
  • Question of

    What’s her favourite bible verse?

    • 2 Corinthians 13:14
    • 2 Timothy 2:15
    • I Corinthians 2:9
  • Question of

    Does she watch football?

    • Sometimes
    • Not at all
    • She’s a football freak
  • Question of

    What genre of Music does she love the most?

    • Blues
    • RnB
    • Reggae
  • Question of

    What is the name of the Secondary School she graduated from?

    • St. Theresa’s College Abor
    • St. Maria Goretti Girl’s College Ngwo
    • Ngwo Girl’s Secondary School
  • Question of

    What’s her shoe size?

    • 37
    • 35
    • 40
  • Question of

    What’s her best weather?

    • Summer
    • Winter
    • Spring
    • Autumn
  • Question of

    What’s the meaning of your name “Chinelo”?

    • God advocates(plans) for me
    • Great journey ahead
    • God is with me
  • Question of

    What’s her current marital status?

    • Single
    • Married
    • Engaged


Written by Ike Ani

I derive joy from writing amazing contents and setting up great quizzes that puts smiles on your faces after you learn something new.


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