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The Igbo tribe is one of Nigeria’s main languages. The Igbo language is the business language as long as you are in the South-eastern Nigeria. The Igbos’ are known to be patient and glowing Business people in the world.

Their system of trading is world class standard that someone had to suggest that Harvard Business school should come over to Igbo States and learn how real business if being done by the Igbos.

So today, we will be having an educating Quiz by naming objects in Igbo Language here. You will be asked what the name of a particular object is in Igbo and you will have to pick the correct answers from the available options.

So, are you ready to become Igbotic right away? Let’s have some quality fun right away.

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    What is Cup called in Igbo?

    • Kopu
    • Iko
    • Uku
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    What is a book in Igbo?

    • Akwukwo
    • Boku
    • Mahadum
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    What is egg called in Igbo?

    • Akwa
    • Okuko
    • Eggi
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    What is a University called in Igbo?

    • Kollegi
    • Mahadum
    • Mkpakpa
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    What is a Chair called?

    • oche
    • Ochie
    • Ihe Ntukwu
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    What is a mobile Phone called?

    • Fone
    • Ekwentị
    • Ihe eji eme call
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    What is Mask called?

    • Mkpu
    • Ihe eji ekpuchi
    • Maskii
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    What is perfume called?

    • Pafum
    • Senti
    • Ihe isi
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    What is knife called?

    • Ama
    • Ihe nko
    • Nma
  • Question of

    What is soap called?

    • Nchaa
    • Ncha
    • Nchapu
  • Question of

    What is a basket called?

    • Nkata
    • Nkatta
    • Nkataa
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    What is Umbrella called?

    • nche elu
    • nche anwụ
    • nche mmiri
  • Question of

    What is clock called?

    • Klok
    • klook
    • kloc
  • Question of

    What is a shirt called?

    • Uwe
    • Shetti
    • Sheti
  • Question of

    What is Spoon called?

    • Ngaji
    • Igwe nri
    • Supunu
  • Question of

    What is Hammer called ?

    • Hama
    • Hamma
    • Ama
  • Question of

    What is broom called?

    • Azziza
    • Aziza
    • Azisa
  • Question of

    What is Bucket called?

    • Boket
    • Boketi
    • Bokeeti
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    What is a thread as in for sowing or for use with a needle called?

    • Tredi
    • Eri
    • Teredi
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    What is a needle called ?

    • Agiga
    • Nidulu
    • Niidu


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