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#OBIDIENTS QUIZ: Prove You Know Peter Obi By Scoring 20/20 (PLAY NOW)

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Peter Obi is the flag bearer for the Labour Party in the forthcoming 2023 Presidential Election in Nigeria. The Obidients are so proud of Peter Obi and his running mate Yusuf Datti and Quizpanda has also decided to create some more educating fun by featuring Peter Obi exclusively here by setting up a quiz about his personality for the Obidients to play, learn and have fun as well.

Also, all you haters of Peter Obi, you are free to play this Quiz to learn more about him okay? We won’t mention your names to anyone…LOL!!!


  • Question of

    What’s his date of birth ?

    • 19 July 1961
    • 19 July 1959
    • 19 July 1963
  • Question of

    He became Anambra’s Governor for the first time when?

    • March 2006
    • November 2006
    • July 2006
  • Question of

    He married his lovely wife in what year?

    • 1992
    • 1989
    • 1993
  • Question of

    what’s his wife’s name?

    • Margaret
    • Mary
    • Mariam
  • Question of

    Where was he born?

    • Onitsha
    • Nnewi
    • Iweka
  • Question of

    What Nigerian Bank was he a Chairman to before joining Politics?

    • Fidelity Bank
    • Access Bank
    • Finland Bank
  • Question of

    What’s the name of the college he attended ?

    • Christ the King College, Onitsha
    • St Paul’s College, Onitsha
    • St Mary’s Nursery, Primary and Secondary School, Onitsha
  • Question of

    Who was the sitting Governor Peter Obi won in Court to emerge Governor of Anmabra State?

    • Chris Ngige
    • Peter Odili
    • Ifeanyi Uba
  • Question of

    Complete this slogan related to Peter Obi’s campaign. “We no dey give______”

    • Shishi
    • Kobo
    • Naira
  • Question of

    On what day did Peter Obi declare that he wants to run for the office of the President?

    • 24 March 2022
    • 20 March 2022
    • 25 March 2022
  • Question of

    He attended all these universities EXCEPT_____

    • University of Cambridge
    • International Institute for Management Development
    • Harvard Business School
  • Question of

    What political party did he join at the start of his political career?

    • APGA
    • PDP
    • LP
  • Question of

    How many times were Gubernatorial elections rigged against him?

    • twice
    • once
    • thrice
  • Question of

    Why did Peter Obi dump PDP?

    • Massive Bribery of party delegates and vote buying
    • Friendliness
    • PDP changed name
  • Question of

    Does he believe that women should be included in leadership roles?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Did Peter Obi support the #ENDSARS movement back in 2020?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    What Nigerian University did he graduate from?

    • University of Nigeria
    • University of Ibadan
    • Ahmadu Bello University
  • Question of

    He got his first degree in what Year?

    • 1984
    • 1986
    • 1987
  • Question of

    One thing Peter Obi will never do in Public during his speeches is to___

    • Abuse his political opponent
    • speak good of Nigeria’s future
    • share strategies on how to make Nigeria better
  • Question of

    How many children does he have with his wife?

    • 2
    • 3
    • 4


Written by Ike Ani

I derive joy from writing amazing contents and setting up great quizzes that puts smiles on your faces after you learn something new.


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