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So in jiffy, 2020 will become a past year despite the challenges it came with that shook the whole wide world. The COVID-19 pandemic was a huge blow to planet earth this year but it is all ending and we made it to the end.

So, today, we have some amazing fun questions to answer about the coming year 2021. Many social media users have shown their utmost desire for 2021 to be a good year with lots of good tidings.

On Tiktok lately, a video trended after it showed some people using sand arts to bid 2020 a goodbye and welcomed the new year afterwards. This goes a long way to show that millions of people round the world can’t wait to witness the coming year with its hopeful good tidings.

So, let’s all dive in and have fun with this new year Quiz questions here:

  • Question of

    What day is ‘Valentine’s Day’ in 2021 ?

    • Friday
    • Saturday
    • Sunday
  • Question of

    January 2021 will end on what day?

    • Sunday
    • Monday
    • Wednesday
  • Question of

    February 2021 has how many days ?

    • 27
    • 28
    • 29
  • Question of

    What day did the next Christmas fall on in 2021?

    • Saturday
    • Sunday
    • Monday
  • Question of

    Nigeria’s independence is what day in October 2021?

    • A Friday
    • A Wednesday
    • A Tuesday
  • Question of

    What date in 2021 will stand as the 1 year memorial of the Lekki Toll gate shooting in Lagos Nigeria?

    • 10th Ocober
    • 20th October
    • 25th October
  • Question of

    Come January 2021, Nigeria will be how old as a Nation?

    • 61
    • 100
    • 107
  • Question of

    Nigeria’s Children’s day Celebration falls on what day in May 2021?

    • Tuesday
    • Thursday
    • Friday
  • Question of

    Which date will be regarded as ‘Teacher’s Day’ in Nigeria in 2021?

    Nigeria's teachers day 2021
    • 1st October
    • 2nd October
    • 5th October
  • Question of

    The next Nigeria’s Democracy day is what date?

    • May 29th
    • October 1st
    • June 12th

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