Stichting AUC Scholarship for International Undergraduates 2022

Are you interested in studying at the University College of Amsterdam but still thinking of the possibility because you are not financially Capable? Worry no more Dear! Here is the problem antidote.

The University College of Amsterdam in the Netherlands is inviting students to apply for the Stichting AUC Scholarship Fund and the Good news is that the application portal is still open so hurry and APPLY before the deadline.

The AUC Scholarship Fund (ASF) supports excellence and diversity in the AUC student body by facilitating access to the AUC Scholarship program for talented minorities and low-income students.

The Stichting AUC Scholarship is fully funded through donations from various sponsors and stakeholders. With Stichting AUC Scholarships Fund from the African Union Commission Scholarship Fund, selected students can graduate from the University College in Amsterdam with a bachelor’s degree.

The AUC Scholarship Fund is an independent foundation managed by the ASF Board of Directors.

Amsterdam University College is a public liberal arts college in the Netherlands with an enrolment of about 900 students from more than 60 countries. All teaching is in English.

It is a welcoming community encouraging diversity and excellence, by, among other initiatives, offering scholarships through the AUC Scholarship Fund and a centre of academic excellence with an international and intercultural focus, as well as outreach to the (local) community.

Level/ Field of Study

Stichting AUC Scholarships Fund covers the undergraduate program.

Host Nationality

Stichting AUC Scholarships Fund is hosted by Amsterdam University College in the Netherlands.

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Eligible Nationality

Stichting AUC Scholarships Fund is opened for University College of Amsterdam (AUC) students only.

Stichting AUC Scholarship 2022 Worth

The AUC Scholarship Fund offers two levels of full scholarship:

  • EU students: 5100 EUR per year
  • Non-European students: 15300 EUR per year
  • The “EU students” include Dutch students and interested students entitled to pay the legal fees of the AUC.
  • Partial scholarships can also be awarded (they usually account for 50% of the above amounts).

Eligibility for AUC Scholarship program

To be selected for an ASF scholarship, you must meet the following requirements.

  • You have to apply for a place at CUA. Admission to the AUC is a separate process. Only AUC students can receive an ASF scholarship.
  • You must have excellent academic results. These will be taken into account by the ASF Selection Committee when assessing your academic performance.
  • Your application for admission to the AUC will not be displayed but will give you information about your overall average. If you want to tell the committee about your academic results, make sure you include it in your cover letter.
  • You must have a strong motivation to study at the AUC. The selection committee of ASF will look for this in your cover letter.
  • The FSA Selection Committee will also review your extracurricular and extracurricular activities for the AUC, as well as your (potential) leadership profile and abilities. Make sure you write about it in your cover letter. (alprazolam)
  • You need to be able to prove your financial needs. In other words, explain in your letter why you can not study at the CUA without a scholarship.

How to Apply for Stichting AUC Scholarship 2022

  • The AUC Scholarship program application form for students starting their studies at the AUC in September 2022 is now open.
  • Students should have already applied for admission to the AUC when applying for an ASF scholarship.

Stichting AUC Scholarship Deadline 2022

The deadline for the Auc Scholarship starting in February 2022 was 1st, December 2021. While the deadline for students starting their studies at AUC in September 2022 is 1 April 2022.

Click here for more details and to apply.


The University College of Amsterdam in the Netherlands is inviting students to apply for the Stichting AUC Scholarship Fund.

Apply if eligible.

A bit of a reminder that it is for the students of the University of Amsterdam only.

And if by the time you read this the deadline has passed, you can actually archive it and apply the next year. Best of luck!

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